Attitude – Blow Ya Back Out Ft. Ciara (DJ Hoodboi Remix)

DJ Hoodboi is a mainstay artist on here, and anyone following his past 2 mixes (one on Mad Decent) the past couple months have probably been not-so-patiently awaiting this scrummy club muffin’s release. It’s a free download, and exemplifies what distinguishes DJ Hoodboi from the rest of Jersey Club producers on his level: he preserves most if not all of the vocals from the tunes he remixes which may seem useful for only the sake of diversifying an upbeat bass set/playlist/etc. with vocals chopped up to the moon…but serves a greater purpose in the musical space: it reconciles listeners from the most polarized recesses of the mainstream and underground audiences. People from the radical mainstream audience just want a consistent vocal melody first and foremost, and when you have an expert like DJ Hoodboi using the groove to reconfigure and irregularize that vibe, it won’t be surprising when you see a room full of philistines and hipsters alike bouncing to this beat.


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