Bopper: Lindsay Lowend – Basement Dweller Overture


Man I am proud of Lindsay Lowend. I’ve been following his stuff about a year now and he’s been calmly gaining popularity…not astronomically per se, but healthily. Like he churns out a small release every few months and brings sophisticated and steadily more international ears to his fan base. At a rate where new fans can feel like they have enough time to digest the material and solidify a deeper & more meaningful connection to his music as well as slight ownership of his rise to fame. So the average Lindsay Lowend fan is of a premium quality, and now the quantity of his total fans has finally actualized into a national and perhaps international tour, announced today, which is quite excitingly an international army of musicophiles. This is a dude who played his multifaceted summer EP’s release party in front of DC’s trap-hungriest hippos, had his laptop’s trackpad malfunction mid-show, only to get prematurely shut down by the police due to noise…and still mustered his happy face to give skulking scrubs like me daps on our way out. Certainly a hero to invest your faith in.

In its structure, Basement Dweller Overture is particularly enchanting through its distinct yet superbly transitioned three movements. You really do get the impression you’re listening to a chamber work but then realize by the end your shoulders and earlobes gyrated themselves into yet unimagined dance moves throughout. Lindsay’s enduring affinity for chiptune is legion in here, and he contours what could be a perennial go-to for any esoteric chiptune obsessive, into a winding, thoughtfully sharp production of unfathomably intersoluble musical forms to which any listener could adrenalize. At the risk of cleaving too deeply, perhaps there is a more conceptual theme of an insulated gamer gleefully, finally being able to get through to the urbane, welcoming world above ground waiting for him. Either way, Basement Dweller will continue to agree with and wizen musical palettes across the world.

If you’re in the DC or DMV area, he’s playing with Ryan Hemsworth at the U Street Music Hall on February 1st; if not, keep a lookout for a list of his tour dates.


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